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    Your car is
    your asset.

    You need to entrust its care to the right people.


APR Australia is proud to announce the release of the new full exhaust system upgrade for the Golf R. The new exhaust system is a 3" stainless steel construction system, with the use of high quality mufflers high flow catalytic converter and stainless twin wall tips. The system uses laser-cut brackets to ensure a perfect fit for your Volkswagen.

This exhaust system features a unique separate wastegate dump pipe - which redirects exhaust from the wastegate further back the downpipe. The result is much less turbulence at the exit of the turbo, allowing exhaust gas to flow even more freely.

The exhaust system increased 12kw at the wheels on our development vehicle (2010 Golf R Stage 1). Even more impressive, our test vehicle reached peak boost pressure 800rpm earlier in the revrange. This will result in much better throttle response, stronger torque delivery in low and mid range and of course, additional peak power. APR's exhaust-specific software is available free of charge to existing APR software customers. Note: because of the high flow catalyst, you may require software that allows for the higher flow - please check with your APR dealer if you do not have APR software installed.


How refreshing to find honesty!

"Having been told by my usual car dealer service centre that I was due for brakes all round, I thought I would check this out with another specialist. I was told that my brakes were not even 50% worn yet! They even took photos to show a comparison between my brakes and new ones. They were honest, helpful and courteous, highly professional AND gave me a lift to and from work. I cannot recommend them highly enough and they deal with all makes of cars. How refreshing to find honesty!

- Jill Harvey



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